Love is a Weak Word


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post aggressive vulnerability


released February 5, 2015

Jeffrey Alan Truckenmiller: Guitar
Brendt Dondero: Drums
Jacob Albert Laqua: Vocals, Electronics
Joram Uther Livegood: Guitar
Greg Baker: Bass Guitar

Produced by HHRRIISSTT and Justin Wood



all rights reserved


HHRRIISSTT Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hooves of Sleipnir, horn of Odin.

Hrist - Related to Old Norse hrista (meaning "shake, quake") and therefore meaning "the quaking one".

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Track Name: Livin' in the City
livin' in the city
that shit comes around
i can smell it when you see the wrong stripes

you insignificant ape
wolf crying anti-intellectualism
oh joy is this a conversation
or are you jerking in my general direction?

livin' in the city
we shouldn't be so loud
we shouldn't be so dumb
we shouldn't be so proud
we shouldn't arbitrate our behaviours like asses
machiavellianism is so cliche

we are all livin' in the city
we all pick ourselves up off the ground
I don't even like your attitude
but I'll still treat you human
Track Name: Filth Kind
filth kind

well I have seen your filthy kind before
I've heard you comin' round
knocking at my door
well I have seen your ugly face before
spitting hate, can't relate
redundant at the first time

filth kind

yeah, you're a filthy wage slave
stickin' yr fingers in every filthy pot you find
always running around
ruining everybody else's
good times

yeah you think you're pretty cool
but to me you just seem crude
always running around and around and down and down and down
Track Name: Hhole
well it feels just so
how I can't place my feet in the same spot twice

h hole!

and I sit and wonder
oh, is this the rest of my life?

all the shopkeepers stand in neat lines
watching me with knowing eyes
you should not wear your cheap sunglasses inside

oh no
h hole!
Track Name: Present Confusion
I saw the man
I saw the women
I saw them all so

carved my existence from the side of a sow
her belly opened to the cliffside, only one way down
a single moment always writhing in my head
the bull was too busy staring at the hen

I saw the women also, all standing in a row
laughing and dancing as if it were a show
a feast for hungry eyes, enumerate the filth
divide by the lines your simple brain gets

how does this moment relate to the present confusion?
Track Name: Love is a Weak Word
love is the weakest word
it's like a prayer
it's fucking useless